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2006 April

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And again...
04.06.06 (11:16 am)   [edit]
Stupid title... I could never invent titles to notes;/ I always think that they sound stupidli:/ But, I wasn't supposed to write about it:)

Even I don't know what I want to write about:/
Tomorrow, I have the birthday... My sixteenth. The time is passing. It is horrifying me.
I hope that tomorrow's day will be excellent:)

To start the time...;/
04.05.06 (8:50 am)   [edit]
Why am I dissatisfied? Becouse I was forced to write it blog... :> Perhaps at the beginning I wanted, but leter, I changed my mind. ... and use to me blackmail!

Frankly? I don't know what I am supposed here to write...:( Because... I can't English!

But I'll be writing here... for Ann:) (it is she is blacmailing me!!:*)

And... this is my first note... short;/

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